Candle Ceremony Dog Submission Form

This form is used to submit a dog for inclusion to the Siberian Husky Candle Ceremony.

Help on each field is available by clicking on the hyperlink next to the selection boxes.

To be considered, we need to have the name of the dog, the owner's name, the owner's/contact's email address, and the Country in which the dog lived. Addionally, it is nice to have the City and State so that Candle Lighters can pay special attention to the dogs that were close to them.

Your email is used to let you know when your dog will be listed for the Candle Ceremony. And the City, State, and Country is for folks that are also lighting candles in their area. Each region may have a different time for the ceremony, so your will be notified as to the day and the time in a particular timezone.

The information provided here is provided only to members of the Siberian Husky Memorial Page Candle Lighting Ceremony, and will not be made available or sold to others under any condition.