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Shadow's Home Page

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Hi, my name is Shadow, and I am a pure-bred Siberian Husky!

I was born in 1996 which makes me a teenager in dog years. I don't know my exact birtdate, because I was so young, and the humans that first took me gave me away and didn't tell anyone when my birthday is. My new humans celabrate my birthday on May 31st.

My current humans tell me that I was rescued from an organization in Auburn, but I think maybe I was just waiting for them to be ready for me.

I think I like it here, I have a nice deck where I can lay in the sun, and I have a stepsister (Tasha) to play with.

But the blond human speaks crossly at me when I dig in the yard. After all, I am only trying to have fun. Though you should hear him scold Tasha after she gets into the potted plants, I don't think he is very happy about that. At least I dig in the dirt with the plants by the fence.

Here are some more pictures of me, am I pretty?

Sometimes I wish my humans had pictures of me when I was a puppy. I think that I may have been cute, but alas, this is what happens when you go to live at a new home (but I think this will be my permanent home).

The blond one has taken more pictures of me with my stepsister, I guess you will need to check back later for those.

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